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Last month we tackled different sites in the village and made progress in clearing excessive growth in all of them. The bridleway hedge from the pumping station along the valley going towards the tree belt is now almost clear of all the dead and dying hedgerow trees. We will have completed the preparation last month ready to plant our 650 donated hedgerow bushes this month as planned. We cleared most of the excessive growth in Riverside Walk and we now appreciate how successful the extensive replanting has been.

In mid-November we are launching our annual Christmas themed raffle with the draw in mid-December. We appreciate receiving your support as we aim to raise funds to continue improving The Park for everyone’s enjoyment.

On the last Saturday morning of every month we have teams of residents working on various sites in the village where there is public access: the Sheepwash and the riverside sites as well as the Park. If you would like to help on any of these sessions in any capacity please contact Will Walker on 356286, Kate Savage on 361137 or Richard Ryder on 363228.

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Weather permitting, last month we will have planted over 350 plants along the bridleway, creating a continuous hedge from the pumping station. This will encourage more wildlife to colonise over the co