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News from the park

The winter maintenance work on various open access village sites has continued very successfully. In January we worked on four sites. The unwanted growth around the bases of some of the recreation ground trees was removed and cleared. We cleared the ash tree

debris in Riverside Rest, (the Deep Ford site), and exposed the emerging snowdrops. In the Sheepwash some hawthorn was planted in the cleared area at the base of the Church Lane steps. Then later we all went to the Park and continued to clear the plastic tree guards from the planted hedgerow trees so that they did not deteriorate and crumble into the soil. We started to plant that hedge several years ago and now it is looking quite well established.

On the last Saturday morning of every month, we have teams of residents working on various sites in the village where there is public access: the Sheepwash and the riverside sites as well as the Park. If you would like to help on any of these sessions in any capacity please contact Will Walker on

356286, Kate Savage on 361137 or Richard Ryder on 363228.

The Estate Management Group

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