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July 2022 - The Park

Last month we burnt both large piles of the tree brash left from the tree surgeons’ work earlier this year. The larger sections were retained to make wood piles to break down naturally, providing good habitats for invertebrates. The Sheepwash willows were trimmed back and several trees in the tree belt were made safe by cutting out the diseased branches.

With regular strimming the newly planted hazel trees around the pumping station are now becoming established.

On the last Saturday morning of every month, we have teams of residents working on various sites in the village where there is public access: the Sheepwash and the riverside sites as well as the Park. If you would like to help on any of these sessions in any capacity please contact Will Walker on 356286, Kate Savage on 361137 or Richard Ryder on 363228.

The Estate Management Group

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Weather permitting, last month we will have planted over 350 plants along the bridleway, creating a continuous hedge from the pumping station. This will encourage more wildlife to colonise over the co